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Kruba Saokham 库巴邵勘

Northern 北部 > Chiangmai 清迈

Kruba Saokham Thawarou or Prakrukanlaya Nadhammaniwit was born on 4 July 1948 (age 67/2015).
In 1959,at the age of 11, he was ordained as a ten-precept novice under famous magical master Kruba Jao Surin Surinto and becoming a monk when he turns 20 in 1968.
He had practiced meditation and ancient northern Thailand sacred magical art with and being accepted as one of the best disciples of the former abbot of Wat Ruang Sitia, Kruba Jao Surin Surinto for more than 41years.
Kruba Saokham inherited the title of Wat Ruang Sri Tia's abbot from Kruba Surin in 1989 and has been known as one of the most merciful, respectable and faithfully bowed abbot in Lamphun.

由於在庫巴昭素林素林哆身邊修行多年(共41年), 庫巴邵勘師傅除了精通禪定,他也學習了許多庫巴昭素林素林哆的法術,如製作

Wat Luang Sitia was originally an abandoned temple and its history of foundation remains unknown.
In 1776, the temple was found and rebuilt by a respectable monk from Chiang Mai, Kruba Tawara, who also renamed this temple as "Sitia" which refers to a short Bodhi tree naturally grown in the temple's area.
The temple was granted Wisungkasima (established legitimately in accordance with laws) in 1859. In all, 12 abbots had served Wat  Luang Sitia before Phra Kru Kullayan Dhamanivith (also known as Kruba Saokham) became the 13th and current abbot of the temple.
Today Wat Sri Tia is a place of worship with pleasant atmosphere, spectacular architecture and suitable for making merit and practicing meditation.

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