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Southern 南部 > Luangpu Thuad 龙普托

Luang Pu Thuat, also known as Luang Pu Thuad, Luang Por Tuad, Luang Phu Tuad, and various other spellings. Luang Pu Thuat was born in 1582 (2125 BE) and died 1682 (2225 BE) in Ayer Kala, Lenggong, Perak, Malaysia. He is a revered Buddhist monk who lived in Siam. He is said to have performed miracles.

Luang Pu Thuat is mentioned in the early regional histories of southern Thailand, but his life is mainly preserved in oral traditions. Stories of the famous monk were passed on by word of mouth for centuries. As a result, it is a mixture of Buddhist elements: early signs, alleged magic, travel, study, meditation and eventual “sainthood.”

His movements throughout the southern Thai peninsula constitute a path of pilgrimage for many of his followers.

泰國幾百年來,總共出過四位在佛法修為上最令人敬仰的高僧,其中一位就是南部的龍婆託大師(龍婆拓/龍普托/龍普陀/Long Por Thuat),古代皇朝的大城時期的皇帝曾經御賜法號:崇笛週帕叩(somdej jao pha kot)。龍婆託大師在泰國可謂是一代神僧,屬於泰國四大神僧之一,很多泰國或亞洲佛牌愛好者都喜歡佩戴一塊龍婆托自身像的泰國佛牌。

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